Why NLCB Lotto Games are OFF Today, 2024

Today is a holiday in Trended and Tobago due religious feast known as Corpus Christi. The Corpus Christi feast is also known as the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. It is a significant celebration in the Christian liturgical calendar. Because of this holy day, NLCB lottery games are off on May 30, 2024.

Some Facts about Corpus Christi

Origin and Purpose:


The feast of Corpus Christi was established in the 13th century by Pope Urban IV. It was introduced to honor the Eucharist and emphasize the real presence of Jesus Christ in the consecrated bread and wine during the Mass.

Date and Observance:


Corpus Christi is observed on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday, which falls on the eighth Thursday after Easter Sunday.

Processions and Adoration:


One of the distinctive features of Corpus Christi is the Eucharistic procession. During this procession, the consecrated Host is carried in a monstrance through the streets.

Theological Significance:


Corpus Christi emphasises the transubstantiation—the belief that the bread and wine used in the Eucharist become the actual Body and Blood of Christ.

Symbols and Traditions:

  • The white vestments worn by priests during the Mass symbolize purity and the glory of the Eucharist.


  • Incense is often used during the procession, representing the prayers of the faithful rising to heaven.


  • Flowers and greenery decorate the altars and procession route, signifying life and beauty.


Global Observance:

Corpus Christi is celebrated by Catholics worldwide, as well as by some Anglicans, Lutherans, and other Christian denominations.


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